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relationship said he now made it all up. why a maryland bus driver became so angry he got in a fight with a teenage girl. right now we're working a school bus accident. >> first breaking news about the bus accident. dozens of students injured which happened in upper marlboro. >> news4's keith russell is at the live desk with more on where this is all happening. >> guys, the crash happened around 2:45 this afternoon. prince george's county fire and rescue say an suv smashed into the bus from behind on route 301 near marlboro. 15 students had minor bumps and bruises. none of them are being taken to the hospital. right now, it's still unclear what school the students were coming from. we'll stay on top of this story and bring you the latest information as we get it. right here on news4, and also, on pat and jim, back to you. >> all right.
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the fiscal cliff and the petraeus scandal were on the top of the agenda during president obama's first news conference since winning the election. steve handelsman has the report. >> reporter: president obama tried to show off the power, claiming voters backed his call for tax hikes on the rich. but that message had a distraction. the petraeus problem. >> i have no evidence at this point, from what i've seen, that classified information was disclosed, that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: the president's withholding judgnt on the fbi keeping secrets. but he praised his ex-cia chief. >> we're safer because of the work that dave petraeus has done. >> reporter: issue two was the fiscal cliff and taxes. >> what i'm not going to do is
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to extend further a tax cut for people who don't need it. >> reporter: republicans demand no rate hike. can there be a deal finally to cut deductions and raise what the rich pay in taxes. >> i recognize we're going to have to compromise. as i said on election night, compromise is hard. >> reporter: issue three, libya. four americans dead in benghazi. republicans today demanded a new investigation and warned the president not to nominate u.n. ambassador susan rice as his new secretary of state. after rice claimed benghazi was a riot gone wrong. go after me, the president demanded. >> to besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> reporter: mostly he came across mellow. a victor reaching out to his opponents. and with both sides rlly not very far apart on taxes, the president clearly hopes his reelection will tip the balance. get him a few republican votes.
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and the kind of deal he wants to avoid the fiscal cliff. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. nancy pelosi has put rumors about her future to rest. she raised more money than any other member of congress to put democrats back in power. but her party fell far short of the 25 seats needed to win the majority last week. still pelosi succeeded in electing the most diverse caucus in the country's history. >> as you look forward, understand that you are looking into the future. the future of empowerment of women in america. and i have made a decision to submit my name to my colleagues, to once again serve as the house democratic leader. >> the only woman ever elected speaker of the house, she served in that post from 2007 to 2011, when democrats lost their house majority. she is 72 years old.
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a developing story now. a grand jury in new york has indicted a suspect in the murder of 6-year-old aton pace. the boy disappeared from a new york city street 33 years ago. the mystery about what happened to him has gripped new yorkers for decades. pedro hernandez was a clerk at a store in aton's neighborhood. police say hernandez has admitted luring the boy into the store, strangling him and putting his body in the trash. defense attorneys say hernandez is mentally ill and that a trial will not solve the mystery of what happened to aton. right now, the search is still on for a man wanted in the shooting of a walmart manager, and we have surveillance photos of that suspect just in to news4 from anne arundel police. take a look. the man's face is covered by a hood and scarf. this shooting happened around 4:30 this morning, at the walmart in laurel near the parkway. tony spoke to an employee there who saw the gunman.
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>> i saw him shoot him. >> reporter: the call went out at 4:17, shots fired. anne arundel police arrived and found one person wounded, a manager hit in the upper chest. >> it's early in the investigation. we're treating this as a commercial armed robbery. it appears this suspect, an adult male, entered the business. >> reporter: the details are still unclear, but detectives say it started inside as a robbery. the white male talked to this employee seconds before an altercation with the employee's manager. >> this gentleman came in -- [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: police believe the suspect attempted to rob one of the managers, somehow the two ended up at this entrance and that's where investigators say the suspect fired hitting the manager one time. >> it appears that he took the victim, went out to the parking lot area. it's still ambiguous at this point as to why or unclear why that happened. but the victim was ultimately
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shot in the upper body. >> reporter: the suspect drove off allegedly abandoning his car at another location. the police are still looking for what they describe as a white male with a heavy coat, gloves and scarf wrapped around his face. still possibly armed and dangerous. as for the manager, he's expected to live. his workers wish him the best and say he was a great boss. >> [ inaudible ]. >> that was tony reporting. news4's jackie bensen is also tracking this story for us today and spoke to people who were inside that walmart store. we'll hear from them coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00. cell phone video of a fight between a student and an mta bus driver in baltimore is making the rounds on youtube. the maryland transit administration says the driver in this video was removed from service pending an investigation. the video does not show what triggered the fight but the
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person who posted the video said the fight started when the driver told the teen to turn down her music. police are interviewing witnesses. the mta said in situations like this drivers are expected to call a supervisor. calm day outdoors weatherwise. let's take a live look out there. another cold one, though. will this trend continue. >> veronica johnson knows, and tells us. hey, veronica. >> yeah, we sure layered up today. let's just say, you're going to be needing that coat, even the gloves for the next couple of days. behind me, the morning temperatures. how we started the day. we started out subfreezing so many locations. a little better in prince george's county at 38 degrees this morning. 30 over in anne arundel. 28 in culpepper, and 27 degrees up in montgomery county in bethesda under a mostly clear sky. that's what we have right now, with a few wispy clouds. more clouds though off to the
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west. those will be pushing in during the overnight period. so increasing clouds as we turn partly cloudy by the time we get to midnight, early part of the day tomorrow. we're sitting in the 40s right now. 45 to 47 degrees. we'll be seeing chilly conditions. we'll talk more about what ku expect for thanksgiving week coming up in a couple of minutes. > a meningitis outbreak killed people and made hundreds sick. many reported problems. according to health officials, there were 50 cases of meningitis in virginia and two deaths. maryland reported 23 cases and one death. there's been no word on any cases in d.c. as nbc's erica edwards reports, grieving families now want answers. >> we're heart broken. we're devastated. >> reporter: the congressional hearing began with stirring
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testimony from joyce lovely. her beloved husband of nearly 56 years, eddie, was one of 32 people who have died of fungal meningitis after receiving contaminated steroid injections for pain. >> to see this man who was perfectly healthy one moment, and then just so quickly going downhill. >> reporter: thousands of vials of injections, many later found to be growing mold, had been shipped all over the country from the new england compounding center in massachusetts. the president of the necc was subpoenaed to appear before the committee. but that's all he did. >> i respectfully decline to answer on the basis of my constitutional rights and privileges. >> reporter: compounding pharmacy can fall into a regu r regulatory black hole. investigators say the new england compounding center was
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acting more like a major drug manufacturer, and should have been regulated as such. >> how many companies are out there labeled as compounding pharmacies that ship 17,000 doses of sterile preservative-free steroids every year? >> the problem is that -- >> how many? the question is how many? >> we don't know. >> reporter: whether the outbreak could have been prevented is up for debate. now the fda is asking congress for strength and authority over compounding pharmacies in an effort to make sure it doesn't happen again. erica edwards, nbc news. are your children growing too much or too little? coming up, dr. jackie tells us what your height has to do with your health. caught on video today, a man rescued after falling onto the tracks. how this is becoming a far too common problem. we'll be joined live by olympic gold medalist mckayla maroney. what she has to say about life after london and that facial expression, you know, the one that turned her into an internet
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sensation. >> yeah, that one.
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did you happen to notice last week how much first daughters sasha and malia have grown over the past four years? they have grown like weeds. we know children grow fast at that age, but how are your children growing? what's the normal growth rate? and is there still a normal growth rate? dr. jackie is here to talk about that. everybody was talking about how tall sasha and malia have
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gotten. >> in four years. >> and it's flown by for them. what is normal these days? >> there is a normal set up at birth. we expect infants to grow about ten inches and maybe triple their birth weight. we look at toddlers, two to 24 months. they'll grow five inches. and they may go up to six pounds. 2 to 10-year-olds, 2 1/2 inches per year and add six pounds. puberty which is what we saw, the older obama girl, they can grow up to nine inches during that time. >> one of the ways that we have measured kids in the past, their growth, was growth charts. but they've changed. >> that's really changed for anybody who's a parent of a child who may be in fifth grade or younger. what changed about it is most are breast fed, and hispanic kids, asian american kids are smaller. we also look at body mass index to make sure we're looking at obesity early on.
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>> is the baby's size or the size of a child at birth a good predictor of how tall the child will grow? >> no. not at all. because you have a baby bigger than your butterball turkey this thanksgiving, doesn't mean you'll end up with a tall one at all. basically it's genetic, but realize firstborn kids will be smaller, the uterus is smaller. multiple kids, twins will be smaller because there's not a lot of room in that uterus. there are a number of things that happen, if the mother is obese, that baby may be bigger. a diabetic mother will be a bigger baby and asthmatic will have a smaller baby. summer is if they're in shorts you don't have to lengthen and buy new clothes as quickly. we don't know why that is true. they grow an awful lot when they sleep. the more you sleep, the more you grow, because that's when you release your growth hormone. >> do girls or boys grow faster? >> actually, boys grow later,
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but more obviously. girls their onset growing is much earlier. boys will grow a little later. girls will stop growing about three years after they get their period. so they'll shoot up faster, be taller, and then those boys will catch up and the girls will really stop. >> the questions you get from your patients a lot is do asthma medications stunt a child's growth? >> this has been studied for a very long time. the group studying this came up with a new article in the new england journal of medicine this september. what they showed this time around is yes, there actually may decrease in overall adult height. what they noticed is it's a half an inch. it happens usually in the first two years of treatment. it happens on kids that are relatively high doses of medication. it doesn't add up, meaning if you're on those medications for ten years, you're still only going to lose that half an inch. the flip side to it is, your kid's healthy, in school, doing well. so it really is a risk benefit kind of equation.
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>> is it all asthma medicines? >> no, not every asthma medication, but the most prominent one, the inhale ed ko i could steroids used every day. >> thank you. let's get the word on the weather. lots of blue sky out there today. did it warm us up any, veronica? >> a little bit. we got near 50 degrees today. dew point temperature 26 degrees with humidity at 44%. so indeed, it's been cold today. the air dry. and a lighter wind for today. out of the northeast at five miles per hour. take a look. some of the other neighborhoods, 45 frederick, 47 degrees right now in areas around falls church, fairfax city. alexandria, 46 degrees. so fairly uniform temperatures throughout our viewing area. get into west virginia, 46 degrees there, too. look at that colder air up to the north. cleveland, ohio, pittsburgh at
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38 degrees, and pennsylvania at 39. once again, our temperatures are going to be dropping off during the overnight period. as clouds increase. there is a batch of clouds off to the west. you can see them there, making their way from south to north. high clouds continue moving in during the overnight period. our temperatures, just as cold as they were last night. maybe a degree warmer. but you know what, you're going to feel it tomorrow morning. still needing the coat and gloves. and 37 to 36 degrees. sunset today at 4:55. coming up pretty soon. up tomorrow at 6:51. let's take a look at things and what you can expect. area of high pressure over us. we've got a dry and chilly evening again. the clouds that i mentioned coming up from the south, you can see more of them over the area tomorrow. it will be a partly sunny type of day. mostly cloudy. a few areas down to the south, around southern maryland in the northern neck. we move into a little bit of sunshine by the tail end of thursday. again, high pressure really
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holding firm. but still those clouds streaming up from the north as a coastal storm, again, tries to form toward the tail end of our weekend. this low associated with what's been that cold front that moved off the coast. cool sunshine coming up for friday. let's talk about it. your forecast for the evening, high clouds, nice but cool. 37 to 44 degrees. with winds out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. by tomorrow morning, coats again. 27 to 36 degrees, with that northeast wind. clouds, some sunshine, still cool for tomorrow afternoon. your high 46 to 51 degrees. tomorrow and the next couple of days, again, we're going to remain below average with our temperatures feeling like -- more like the first week of december. than late part of november. so cool conditions for tomorrow. 50 your temperature. 54 degrees on friday. cool starts and even chilly days, nice conditions for saturday. there's your clouds with that coastal storm. i'll have more details on the
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coastal storm coming up in a couple of minutes. >> all right. thanks, veronica. coming up next on news4 at 4:00, a woman forced into public humiliation for driving on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. why the judge isn't happy with the way she carried out her sentence. and charges filed in the case of a nanny accused of murdering the children she was supposed to be taking care of.
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earlier this afternoon, we saw president obama saying that he and congress have to make some big decisions by the end of the year for reducing the federal debt. if they fail to do so automatic spending cuts and higher taxes for all of us will kick in early next year. avoiding that so-called fiscal cliff is the talk around town today and whur's molette green is here in the studio. you did an entire show on the fiscal cliff and your listeners had a lot to say about this issue. >> they said, look, this is not the time for african-americans and others who played a big, big role in reelecting the president and members of congress to take their foot off the gas pedal. and they said, look, we spoke loud and clear last week, saying that we're not going to stand by
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and allow our elected officials to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class. and those people who are still struggling to get into the middle class. and they said, you know, what more do we need to do to make sure our voice is still being heard on this issue. they're determined to stay involved, write letters, call, do whatever they need to do, because they want to get beyond the rhetoric. they want to move past that. because the deadline is looming. a lot of people, jim, say they are kind of scared. look, they're scared. fiscal cliff. we're going to fall off this cliff. and they say, look, we're ordinary hard-working americans. some of us may earn what is considered a very successful salary, up to $250,000. but they don't consider that what they call living so large that taking upwards of a $4,000 tax hit is something that they can tolerate. i was struck, though, by how our
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listeners said, look, we are realistic and we know that we may have to make some sacrifices. but we're not willing to do that, and we're going to stand up and not allow the rich to continue to get away with what they see is as unfair deal in this country, the rich get richer, while the middle class and the folks bear the biggest burden in this country. >> all right. thanksgiving is upon us. don't have to tell you. >> i can't believe it. >> you folks are in a very giving spirit at whur. tell us what you've got going. >> we're entering our season of giving, where our listeners really come out in full force. they're big givers, jim. we're hosting a number of events. where the public can help us out, donating money, food, clothing, toys. and we invite everyone to visit check us out. see what we have to offer and how you can help make a difference in so many people's lives. >> i've done events with you
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guys, and you can get the word out like nobody else. >> we do a good job. >> yes. >> and more importantly, community, during this time of year, it is so awesome. >> 'tis the season. thanks so much. good luck with that. we'll see you again next thursday. thank you both. do you know what you're eating? coming up on news4, the controversy over the so-called fruit found in many popular foods. and incredible video of a suspected drunk driver flying, almost flying literally into a group of cars. we'll tell you who was behind the wheel.
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. at 4:30, an update on the breaking news that we brought you at the top of the hour. a prince george's county school bus involved in an accident in upper marlboro this afternoon. police tell us an suv rear-ended the bus here just before 3:00 on route 301 near marlboro pike. 32 students were onboard this bus at the time. the students had some very minor injuries. but none went to the hospital. no word on the condition of the suv driver at this hour. anne arundel police have just released these surveillance photos of a man wanted in a shooting at walmart.
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police say it started with a robbery around 4:30 this morning at the store in laurel near the vw parkway. the gunman who covered his face with a hood and a scarf forced a manager into the parking lot and shot him. the manager is expected to survive. when you go food shopping, first thing you look at is the packaging. no one thinks they're getting a full day's serving of fresh fruit in a box of cereal, but are some healthy foods misleading you? >> experts say some of the biggest food companies are actually fooling us. nbc's jeff rossen shows us what the so-called berries are really made of. >> reporter: take a spin in the grocery store, and it's like a berry bonanza. from your favorite breakfast foods, to those popular energy drinks. >> vitamin water. >> reporter: even kids' yogurts.
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the labels grab you, real fruit, full of vitamins, and many of us eat it up. >> it gives the impression it's healthier. >> blueberries in the cereal, that's great. you get everything in one box. >> reporter: but some experts say it's a trick that food companies go a long way to fool you. take special k's fruit and yogurt cereal. look at all those fresh berries on the front. >> when you actually pour the cereal out, this looks like a real berry to me. but it ain't. >> reporter: michael jacobson runs the consumer watchdog group. are there any actual berries in here? >> no berries whatsoever. >> reporter: he says these berry imposters are in a lot of foods. like blueberry eggos. then there's aunt jemima's blueberry pancakes. it claims, made with real blueberries. but there's a catch. >> it has blueberry bits. what is that? it's mostly sugar and soybean
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oil. and little bits of real blueberry that's been artificially colored. >> reporter: that's right, he said the blue chunks are actually that concoction shaped into balls and dyed to look like real berries. >> it's fake. >> reporter: if the companies were in this room, they're be saying, look, no misleading advertising here. >> you can't show people in the big pictures on front of the label and give the correct answers on the back of the label. >> reporter: shoppers say it's a bait and switch. >> false advertising. i think it's dishonest. >> reporter: if consumers feel that way, why do the companies still do it? we wanted to ask the group representing the food industry, but they declined our request for an on-camera interview. instead sending us this e-mail saying, we support laws requiring food labels to be truthful and nonmisleading. and say these labels are
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permitted on their fda regulations. in fact, companies can show whatever fruit they want, as long as they use this one little word. flavored on the label. >> if you see the word flavor, either natural or artificial, it could be a red flag that there's actually no fruit within that product. >> reporter: made for kids, lots of pictures of fruit. guess how much fruit is actually in here. absolutely zero. and all of it is legal because of that word, flavored. >> the food and drug administration is asleep at the wheel. it rarely brings complaints against these companies. >> why? >> i suspect that the food and drug administration doesn't want to tangle with big companies who could keep them tied up in court for years. >> reporter: he says one of the trickiest, vitamin water. here's the kiwi strawberry. >> we're suing coca-cola which owns vitamin water because there are no strawberries or kiwis in
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there. >> what's in here? >> a lot of sugar. that bottle contains almost as much sugar as a 12-ounce can of coca-cola coca-cola. >> reporter: coca-cola said there's nothing on the label on the vitamin water that would mislead a reasonable consumer. >> companies are going to make a lot more money if they can imply that there are berries in the product. they're saving a lot of money but they're cheating consumers. >> now, food companies tell nbc news that some of the real fruit on the package is meant as a serving suggestion, and they disclose that in small print. the fda says it doesn't inspect labels and is cracking down on companies that break the law. but the agency tells nbc news it's actually your responsibility to read the entire label and not just the front of the box. food companies, meantime, are saving money because real fruit is very expensive. and sugar and oil aren't. the new york nanny accused of killing two children in her
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care has now been indicted for murder. 50-year-old ortega is charged with the stabbing deaths of 6-year-old lucia and her 2-year-old brother leo in their manhattan apartment. it happened about three weeks ago. ortega remains hospitalized after police say she stabbed herself as well. according to "the new york times," the nanny told detectives she resented the family because they always told her what to do. however, detectives say she has not confessed to the killings. the cleveland woman forced to carry a sign calling herself an idiot finished that part of her sentence today. she was arrested for driving on a sidewalk to pass a school bus. the judge who sentenced her apparently wasn't happy with harden's effort yesterday. she held a sign but also spent time smoking and texting and sitting in her car. today harden took her task more seriously. she won't have to carry the sign anymore. but her license is still suspended.
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>> he didn't tell her she couldn't text. >> or smoke. >> or sit in the car. coming up on news4 at 4:00, is the newest hot gadget already old. when we come right back, why you might want to hold off on buying that iphone5. and she's part of the fab five. we're joined live by olympic gymnast mckayla maroney. she dishes on how life has changed since london. mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive
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the iphone5 just came out last month, but now an even newer model could be on the way. tech experts say apple is getting ready to test the iphone5s. experts say a trial run of the new version could happen next month. and the full production would start early next year. no word yet on the new features it might have. tough to keep up out there, isn't it? >> impossible. hey, whitney returns to primetime tv tonight. it stars d.c. native whitney cummings. she says this season will bring a whole lot of laughs, thanks in part to real-life stories from her writers. >> i secretly have them confide in me their embarrassing stories. >> don't tell anyone.
4:40 pm
>> i say i won't tell anyone, then make an episode about it. >> she went to high school at st. andrews. she was also an intern right here at nbc 4. but we can't take any credit for just how funny she is. >> not even a little? >> huh-uh. >> okay, we won't then. right after the break, we'll be joined live by olympic gymnast mckayla maroney. when elmo's puppeteer might return to sesame after being cleared of an underage relationship. this afternoon, not too bad, chilly, but another cold night for us as temperatures drop down to the 20s up north. areas around sandy spring, potomac, to low 30s.
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we remember her. she's part of the group known as the fab five. the 2012 u.s. women's gymnastics team that won the team gold over in london. >> and today mckayla maroney is here in washington to sign autographs for fans as part of the kellogg's tour of gymnastji ticks champions. hey, barbara. >> she's just correcting something that i had here. you probably said that she was part of the fab five. she said she's part of the -- what? >> the fear five. >> big difference. >> a huge difference, yeah.
4:44 pm
the basketball team is the fab five from michigan. and us women's gymnasts who got the gold medal were the fierce five. >> don't get that wrong next time, pat. we first want to find out how you're doing. we know you injured your leg. >> yes. >> how is it going? >> i'm actually doing a lot better. i just got my crutches off. and my toe and my tibia are both -- the bones are fully healed. >> you're still wearing a boot here. >> i still have my boot. i have to have it for another week or so. i'm technically allowed to start walking on it without it. but being here i don't want to hurt it anymore. >> you're still doing your gymnastics every day? >> i do conditioning, like a little swinging on my bars and stuff but not anything crazy. literally just swinging. not anything else. >> it's been a few months now since you walked off with all the medals around your neck. has reality set in? >> i think it never really will sink in that i'm an olympic champion. that's like so amazing and
4:45 pm
something that i've worked for since i was 2 years old. so it can't really sink in that fast. but i mean, i have realized and i've gotten so many amazing opportunities to have it sink in a little bit. and it's still very surreal to me. >> we were talking about how famous she's become from being a gymnast. but we also know you've been become famous for something else. she knew exactly what it was i was talking about. what is it? >> the nonimpressed face. you just go like this. >> i don't know if i can do that. >> it's difficult. >> but you must have learned to do that a long time ago because it came so naturally. >> i mean, i've been doing is since probably like 2 years old. i have actually pictures at home of me doing it. so i just do it all the time. >> there are a lot of famous people who have been making that face, including the president. >> i know. it's so crazy. i've seen pictures. it makes me laugh all the time. my friends from school and home
4:46 pm
and the gym, and the people on the tour with me, they'll send me pictures like, oh, what next celebrity is doing the face. >> that's just great. especially that you're such a good sport. so you don't mind them showing you looking disappointed. you're here signing autographs. are you excited about that? >> super excited. i love doing stuff like this. >> is this your first time in washington? >> this is my first time in d.c., but i have been to washington before. for a competition actually. >> washington, d.c., welcomes you. we're so happy to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> good luck with all the folks in line to sign autographs for. hope your hand doesn't get tired of signing your name. >> i'm used to it. i'm good. >> guys, back to you in the studio. >> barbara, thanks. good effort there. but it does take some training, i think, huh? >> here. practice it in the mirror. if there's something that i say during my weather that you don't
4:47 pm
like, make the face. >> like rain, or snow. >> right. >> anything. >> okay. well, i'm going to go ahead and get started. over the next couple of days, our weather is kind of boring. a little quiet, and certainly chilly. we have high clouds out there right now. 47 degrees your temperature. not expecting any big storms this week. and i'm not even expecting any really big storms next week. so how about that. 47 degrees our temperature. the wind light out of the northeast at five miles per hour. your good night/wakeup forecast, we drop to 40 by 11:00 p.m. temperatures in the 30s by 5:00, 7:00 a.m. satellite and radar, you can see where some of the clouds will be coming from. ohio, west virginia, increasing over our area. tomorrow it will be a partly sunny day, with our temperature kind of like it's been today, with an even lighter wind. 47 frederick, 50 culpepper, fredericksburg with a high of 51
4:48 pm
degrees. this weekend we have showers, but meteor showers. we'll see on average 10 to 15 per hour. and the good news is that the moon will set early. so it will be nice viewing. as far as that coastal storm for sunday, monday, not looking as though it's going to be hitting the area. the mid-atlantic with that long of a time period. it's just going to be grazing the coast. most of it moving out to sea. again, we're talking about monday with our best chance of rain right now. so the weekend looking much better. nice conditions. 56 to 52 degrees. and i think when we do get that rain on monday, we're not going to see a lot. maybe a quarter inch of rain, a tenth to a quarter. we're in the 50s over the next couple of days. still feeling a lot like early december. >> sure is. thanks, veronica. up next, a woman rescued after falling onto the train tracks. why this is becoming a troubling trend. >> and an amazing sight, a
4:49 pm
driver goes airborne flying into a line of cars. we'll tell you who was behind the wheel. coming up on news4 at 5:00, a shooting at a walmart in prince george's county. the search is on for the guy who shot the manager. local doctors put "the biggest loser" plan to the test. could it help you drop weight in record time. and coming up at 6:00, when will you be able to play blackjack, texas hold 'em and roulette in maryland casinos. maryland live has a big announcement tonight.
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a massachusetts doctor is facing dui charges after a crash that was captured on traffic camera. take a look at this. the video shows the woman speeding through a store parking lot and crashing her suv into a car waiting at the red light. the driver of the other car spent a few days in the hospital with a few cracked ribs. a woman fell onto the tracks at one of boston's commuter train stations. she was rescued by a stranger. fortunately the woman did not hit the third rail, the one that carries the electrical current. she only hurt her leg while dealing with this ordeal. this is the fourth time in recent months that someone has fallen onto the tracks in the boston area, and in each case strangers pulled the victims back onto the platform before trains arrived. up next, a man changes his story, after accusing elmo's puppeteer of having an underage
4:53 pm
relationship. we'll tell you what sparked that.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
producers at sesame street say kif inclash who brings elbow to life ras asked for additional time off after being cleared of sexual misconduct charges. despite feeling vindicated of
4:56 pm
the allegations, this dark cloud may continue to hang over him. >> reporter: he's the man behind one of sesame street's most cheerful characters. but kevin clash was anything but happy about allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor. monday sesame street released a statement saying they've been contacted in june by a then 23-year-old man who alleged he had a relationship beginning when he was 16 years old with kevin clash. sesame street said they found no evidence to support the claim. clash, a 52-year-old divorced father who is now openly gay, said the relationship began after the man turned 18. tuesday that accuser recanted. in a statement attorneys for the man said, his sexual relationship with mr. clash was an adult consensual relationship. legal analyst lisa bloom. >> this allegation had all the earmarks of a false claim.
4:57 pm
the accuser did not go to the police, instead he went to a civil attorney, and raised the claim with sesame street's employer, which sounds like a ploy for money. without any substantiation. >> reporter: for clash, featured in the 2011 documentary being elmo, working on sesame street was a dream come true. for nearly 30 years, clash has been more than just elmo's voice. giving the little red monster his personality, catapulting elmo past big bird as the most popular muppet. >> can you do a scratch of the head. >> reporter: clash has won 24 emmy awards for his work on the iconic children's show. >> to have all this come out, even though it's reportedly not true you can't take it back. it's pretty sad. >> reporter: tuesday clash said he is relieved that this painful
4:58 pm
allegation has been put to rest. being elmo, he talked about facing adversity, words he will almost certainly be reflecting on now. >> there's always going to be some type of obstacle in the way. all of those things go away if you really focus on what makes you happy. right now, at 5:00, president obama's first news conference since reelection and he is peppered with questions involving david petraeus. neighbors who knew the teenager arrested for two high-profile murders in just a week speak out today. a price hike on the dulles toll road. what will you be paying in just a few weeks. and good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. first up at 5:00 tonight, police in anne arundel county are searching for the man who shot the manager of the 24-hour walmart in laurel, maryland, this morning. >> that shooting happened in the parking lot, but the incident started inside the store. jackie bensen is live in laurel with the latest on this.
4:59 pm
jackie? >> reporter: well, remember, as you said, this store was open at the time. it was a frightening experience for everyone involved. images of the suspect were captured on the store's extensive security system. jesse said he spoke to the man as he walked through the store, located just off route 198 near the vw parkway. he said the man had a hood pulled up and a scarf over his face and asked him where the heaters were located. >> this gentleman came in, glov gloves -- [ inaudible ]. like he was feeling cold. >> reporter: because the store is huge, tens of thousands of square feet, jesse who was in the break room did not know the manager had been shot until someone told him. he was able to tell police about the man. he said he seemed nervous. >> he was trying to ask me -- >> reporter: the store resumed

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